Our Cannabis Brands

We Only Carry the Best.

We don't just stock anything on our shelves. At Bison Cannabis, you will find the highest quality cannabis products on the market today.
Below are just a few of the Brands you'll find in our shop!

  • We Carry Bison & Rose Lotions

    Bison & Rose

  • Boro Family Farms Oklahoma Grown Logo

    Boro Family Farms

  • We Carry Dose Oil Cannabis Products


    Concentrates / Flower
  • Fish Whistle Farms Logo

    Fish Whistle Farms

  • Gardens Logo


  • Hirb 66 Logo

    Hirb 66

  • HN Extracts Logo

    HN Extracts

  • Mammoth Processing Logo

    Mammoth Processing

  • New Moon Cultivation Logo

    New Moon Cultivation

  • PhD Pharmicated Logo

    PhD Pharmicated

  • Purple Tangie Logo

    Purple Tangie

  • Smokey Okies Logo

    Smokey Okies

  • True Terpenes are the best terpenes around

    True Terpenes

  • We Carry Underground Tonic CBD Products

    Underground Tonic

    THC-Free CBD
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